Discover the “Ripollès” region

Camprodón, Girona, España


Speaking of culture and history in the “Ripollès”, is to speak about the Catalan people. Important characters like “Guifré el Pilós” have forged the history which is represented in this territory.

In the “Ripollès” region you will find one of the largest concentrations of important Romanesquechurches, monasteries, bridges and art in the whole Europe.


The “Ripollès” treasures a Romanesque heritage of first order. The richness of Romanesque architecture extends to all corners of this region and the large amount of Romanesque remains available, has allowed today to admire one of the largest concentrations of Romanesque art inEurope, with more than 98 monuments scattered throughout the municipalities.

Museums and Interpretation Centers

The “Ripollès” region is not only Romanesque, it is also a land of legends and traditions rooted in the history of this territory which you can discover through its museums.