“Tavertet” cliffs and “Sau” and “Susqueda” dams

Pantà de Sau, Barcelona, España

The “Ter” river and the “Sau” and “Susqueda” dams separate the “Collsacabra” and the “Guilleries” territory.

The most emblematic villages in the pre-Pyrenees in the “Collsacabra” range of mountains are “Cantonigròs”,  “Rupit”,  “Pruit” and “Tavertet”. There are also beautiful places to visit like the “Far” and the “Salut” Sanctuary.

“Tavertet” is located just on the edge of a cliff, 420 meters up from the “Sau” dam. The population of  “Tavertet” does not reach 140 inhabitants and most of the houses are second residences or rural cottage houses. Through the village of  “Tavertet” passes the long-distance trail GR-2 and it is also a departure point of numerous hiking routes in the area.

The village is declared by the Catalan government” Property of Cultural Interest”.

“Tavertet” has different lookouts to enjoy the impressive and fantastic views of the area.