Collsacabra, Girona, España

“Collsacabra” is a territory between the regions of “Osona”, “Garrotxa” and the “Selva”, it has a surface of ​​142 km2 and a large part of its surface is within the municipal boundaries of the “Esquirol”,  “Tavertet”,  “Rupit” and “Pruit” villages.

“Rupit” and “Pruit” are located between the cliffs of “Aiats” and the “Garrotxa” region. These villages are 845m above sea level and they are in the center of the “Collsacabra” county. This municipality has an area of ​​47.8 km2 and a population of 285 inhabitants. They are basically rural villages that lives from farming, cattle and tourism. It is formed by the main village of “Rupit” and a scattered set of farmhouses which are known by the name of “Pruit”, where still land and livestock have a predominant importance.