“Palomera” Adventure Park

Parc de Palomera, Saldes, España

Aerial trails, zip lines, wooden and rope bridges, bungee jumping, etc. There are different trails for adults and children from 3 years old.
It is located in the village of “Saldes” in front of the Pedraforca Mountain.

You must take the road from “Saldes” to “Vallcebre” and it is 4 km after the intersection of “Coll de la Trapa”.

Quick Jump is the new 12m free fall to experience the emotions of bungee jumping.
New zip line 200m long.

The area is a natural space where you can spend the day either making the “Pleta” routes or enjoying the landscapes. There are lookouts and picnic areas.

“Repòsdel Pedraforca” campsite offers discounts.