Hiking in the “Ripollés”

El Ripollès, Girona, España

In ​​the “Ripollès“ region that is located in the Pyrenees, hiking and mountaineering are one of the most prized attractions of this area.

It is surrounded by routes and hikes of an enormous beauty. They make this place a meeting point for those who love mountains and nature.

Network of trails “Itinerannia”

Set of signposted trails that are part of the “Itinerannia” network in the “Ripollès“ region. It is a structure that allows users to discover any place in the region guided by the signposts and maps.

Long distance trail “GR-11”

The GR 11 is the most famous trail in the Catalan territory. In fact, the Pyrenees path links the Cantabrian Sea with the Mediterranean Sea following the southern slope of the Pyrenees mountain range. It begins in the Basque Country and passes through Navarra and Aragon before entering Catalonia through the “Salenques” bridge.

The way

The way is a signposted route of cultural and scenic interest in the Catalan territory. Tour of the culture, history, landscape and spirit of Catalan-speaking lands.

The route of the river “Ter”

Itinerary that follows the course of the river “Ter” and that crosses five regions of Catalonia.